The Best Alcohol Recovery Books

Since mainstream recovery culture preaches an implicit ethic of self-denial, I found that it was important to find fresh sources for resurrecting my own positive sense of self. This is a fantastic read whenever you feel unsure of what to focus on or simply overwhelmed by negativity. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

best alcohol recovery books

But then she falls for Booker, and her aunt Charlene—who has been in and out of treatment for alcoholism for decades—moves into the apartment above her family’s hair salon. The Revolution of Birdie Randolph is a beautiful look at the effects of alcoholism on friends and family members in the touching way only Brandy Colbert can master. Oyinkan Braithwaite’s novel is a unique blend of dark humor and crime, set against the backdrop of contemporary Lagos, Nigeria.

New study links childhood trauma to increased anger in adults with and without depressive and anxiety disorders

In his book “Believable Hope”, Michael Cartwright shares the five (5) essential elements you need to beat any addiction. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, suffering from prolonged depression or weight gain, this book offers the methodology of five (5) core elements that have helped tens of thousands of people over the years. Whether someone you love or yourself are a recovering addict, we have outlined suggestions about self-help literature and books to help you with alcoholism, drugs, behavioral addiction, or co-occurring disorders recovery.

She’s an iconic, witty literary voice, an engrossing storyteller, and this book too is a great study in memoir. Former “20/20” anchor Elizabeth Vargas shares her story of anxiety and alcohol use disorder in this compelling memoir. Between Breaths reveals how she lived in denial and secrecy for years before finally entering best alcohol recovery books rehab and a life of sobriety. The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober explores the role alcohol plays in our world and insights from top neuroscientists and psychologists about why we drink. Discussing alcohol’s impact on our health and minds, author Catherine Gray illustrates how a sober life can truly be intoxicating.

Best Addiction and Sobriety Books

Written by the author and treatment pioneer Patrick Carnes, “Out of the Shadows” starts off by trying to explain sexual addiction to the reader. Also, partners and loved ones may not understand how sexual experience becomes the reason for being and the primary relationship for the addict. The author walks us through the four-step cycle that includes preoccupation, ritualization, compulsive sexual behavior, and despair.

  • Finding real and fictional characters in books about recovery that you can relate to is even better.
  • Books About Alcoholism
    Whether you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake or you’re just curious about alcohol and the impact it has on the human body, we’ve got a large collection of books about alcohol.
  • Ann Dowsett Johnston combines in-depth research and her own story of recovery in this important book about the relationship between women and alcohol.
  • From ancient Rome to the modern era, Telfer presents a series of engaging and well-researched biographies, each shedding light on the societal context and personal circumstances that led these women down a murderous path.
  • This book also examines the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and lose the desire to use substances.

It got me thinking the one thing I never wanted to be true… maybe it is the alcohol that’s making me so miserable? Cupcake Brown was 11 when she was orphaned and placed into foster care. She grew up with a tragic journey, running away and becoming exposed to alcohol, drugs, and sex at a young age, and leaning on those vices to get by. A Piece of Cake is her gripping tale of crashing down to the bottom and crawling back to the top. Peter Swanson’s “The Kind Worth Killing” is a riveting psychological thriller that delves deep into the mind of a female serial killer.

The 10 Best Books About Recovery

Narrower in its scope than the previous book, The Vitamin Cure conveys a simple approach to using basic nutrients to fight alcohol withdrawal and cravings. Unlike 7 Weeks to Sobriety, this book answers some questions about why the addiction treatment industry tends to ignore nutrition. The nurture camp depends on an elasticized frame of psychological reference that aims to link addiction to psychic wounds and self-destructive behavior going back to family dysfunction and socioeconomics. (A 1997 Time cover story described dopamine as “the master molecule of addiction.”) And sometimes the travails of addiction are ascribed to an intrinsic vulnerability that is exacerbated by external factors. The co-founder and CEO of Whole 30 and bestselling author, Melissa Urban, helped millions of people transform their relationship with food. Now, in The Book of Boundaries, out November 2023, Urban, who has been in recovery for more than 20 years, shows how setting clear limits can help protect your time, energy, health, security, confidence, and freedom.

8 Books to Help You Drink Less, or Quit Altogether – The New York Times

8 Books to Help You Drink Less, or Quit Altogether.

Posted: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It also contains more useful information than any official personal training textbook I’ve read. This is an excellent starting book for anyone who’s serious about getting fit. Michael Matthews has a knack for making complex subjects easy to understand. This book (and its female audience counterpart, Thinner, Leaner, Stronger) can help you avoid the layers of marketing BS that plague fitness magazines and start a fitness regimen that actually works. This is really a book about how to discipline your mind and pursue your goals.

Whether your goal is to improve your financial situation or not, this book can help you discover the life that you actually want to live. Mainstream recovery programs have very little to say about personal achievement. No dream is beyond your reach simply because you suffered from a biochemical disorder.

With this book she breaks her anonymity, describing the jarring moment of waking into trauma and victimhood, and the onerous emotional and legal battle that followed. This book shows better than any I’ve read the effects of sexual assault and the possibility of forging a new freedom in its aftermath. In my own healing, I have even questioned the use of the word “recovery” in this context at all, since it implies a retrieval of something lost. Some new habits and practices have had to be built from the ground up.

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